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Accept eKash

Accept card-free online payments from a new & lucrative customer base

eKash gives you access to and retention of customers worried about online fraud associated with using credit cards online, and offers increasingly easy access through online issuing to banked but nervous customers.

Simple, powerful features:

The payments you receive are assured, so there are no more charge-backs!
eKash is regulated by the HMCS, Fincen, Fintrac and many other authorities and is subject to ongoing and highly strict fraud monitoring.

eKash offers high individual voucher limits plus the ability to combine vouchers to create virtually any value.
eKash offers dynamic 'change' vouchers.
eKash can be easily integrated into existing e-payment platforms.

You can see the eKash Merchant Acceptance Policy on thi site.

To discuss getting card-free online payments into your business contact eKash now.

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