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Since launch in 2009 eKash has become a globally-recognised payment method that enables online transactions using cash, providing freedom from credit and debit card fraud, repudiations and charge-backs, and protecting personal identity. Companies benefit from accepting eKash because we open up new markets to which they can sell their goods and services online. Many people don't have credit or debit cards, or even bank accounts, and some are simply reluctant to give their financial details online.

Consumers around the world enjoy using eKash because it is easy and there are no age restrictions. No credit or debit cards are needed and they don't even have to share any personal or financial details. 

In 2010, eKash established a strategic partnership with Telecoms to furhter develop the brand's services around the world. 

Why companies work with eKash

eKash is patented, proven and completely scalable
Globally supported by Blue Label Telecoms
Already accepted and working for global companies
User-centric, boasting high consumer satisfaction ratings
Widely available around the world 

Expanding fast

eKash is available across over 100 countries worldwide.

Patented Technology

The technology behind eKash is protected by several patents and functionality is, as such, protected by Patent Law in all the major economies of the world. eKash is a registered trademark.

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