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Issue eKash

Benefit from the worldwide growth in prepaid cash payments

eKash works with retailers, online games, gaming, casino's, payment networks, prepaid issuers and mobile operators around the world to make prepaid eKash Pass, eChip, eSpace Voucher, eKash PIN, available to the growing number of consumers worried about online fraud or without cards to transact on the web.

Our issuing partners work with us to deliver eKash Pass:

  1. from terminals in shops
  2. via ATMs
  3. via  kiosks,
  4. depanneurs & local convienience stores
  5. foreign exchange companies
  6. direct to mobiles
  7. online and from your eKash eWallets
  8. to consumers via resale networks

In return for collecting payment and delivering the eKash eKash Pass we pay a commission on every transaction, so our partners benefit as use of eKash grows around the world.

What's in it for me? And whats the Bottom Line Revenue  

eKash Issuers earn revenue on every eKash Pass, eChip, eSpace Voucher and eKash PIN sold

High Transaction Value

eKash average eKash Pass, eChip, eSpace Voucher, and eKash PIN value delivers more revenue per transaction than mobile phone top ups

New Business

eKash delivers new consumer footfall into our Issuer's shops and to their terminal locations

Increased Revenue

eKash delivers Sales Uplift from existing shop consumers

No stock

eKash Pass are typically delivered online so no stock is required

If you want to offer eKash as a service through your channels please contact us now.

eKash Reseller

eKash offers opportunities for companies operating in specific geographical regions or sectors, such as VoIP, to distribute eKash in return for a commission. To become a eKash Reseller your company must meet certain criteria including undergoing a KYC (Know Your Customer) process mandated by the Authorities.

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