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Merike Taal
Senior Vice President , Sales (Betting and Social Gaming)
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/taal.jpg","name":"Merike Taal","position":"Senior Vice President , Sales (Betting and Social Gaming)","profile":"Merike Taal is a graduate from Tartu University, Estonia, with a degree in journalism and corporate communications. She started her career as a freelance reporter, advancing her career to become editor-in-chief of \"Just\" magazine. Merike, an enthousiastic marathon runner and qualified Flamenco dance instructor, is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded and run her own dance and entertainment company for 10 years prior to moving into the gaming industry. She moved to London in 2009 as Marketing Manager at Unibet, a leading online gaming provider where she worked for four years prior to joining eKash as Senior Vice President Sales in charge of betting and social gaming."}
Emily Miller
Director - US Operations and Compliance
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/miller.jpg","name":"Emily Miller","position":"Director - US Operations and Compliance","profile":"Mrs. Miller has been working in the finance field since 1998 in a wide variety of roles, her Masters of Science in Human Resource Management and Finance has allowed her to work with many successful lending and merchant institutions across the World. Prior to coming on board with the company Mrs. Miller was consulting with payment processing centers on compliance issues and setting standards for the industry. She has consulted with companies such as Chase, Bank of America, and Intuit."}
Liina Tuvi
Head of Global Administration
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/default.jpg","name":"Liina Tuvi","position":"Head of Global Administration","profile":"Ms Liina is a law graduate from one of the biggest university's in the Baltics. She has been practising law at a law firm in Eastern Europe for several years, after what she continued her career as a project manager in an advertising company. She has worked closely with gaming industry and is actively continuing her studies in UK."}
Cleo Grace Hinaut
Head of Communications & Human Resource Manager
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/hinaut.jpg","name":"Cleo Grace Hinaut","position":"Head of Communications & Human Resource Manager","profile":"Ms. Hinaut has been in the Human Resource Management field since 1989 catering to diverse personalities in both the public and private sectors. Her graduate degrees in Psychology, and Law and doctoral degree in Development Management in addition to her experience are her strengths in dealing with people in any organization, even online. Before she joined Kash Mart, she was Vice President for Administration and Finance at the Central Philippine State University (CPSU), formerly Negros State College of Agriculture. She also served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at West Negros University, after her time at CPSU. Her academic stints earned her a scholarship tour in Amsterdam and The Hague in Netherlands. She still does University lectures in Psychology, Politics, and Development Management upon invitation."}
Alfred Ace Tiongco
Head - Transaction Processing
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/tiongco.jpg","name":"Alfred Ace Tiongco","position":"Head - Transaction Processing","profile":"Alfred is a graduate of Management Accounting from a prestigious University in the Philippines. His professional experience included Claims Processing for Accenture, Inc. and accounting staff services for M. Lhuillier Philippines."}
Abdul Najib P. Pangader
Company Accountant
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/pangader.jpg","name":"Abdul Najib P. Pangader","position":"Company Accountant","profile":"Mr. Pangader is a CPA in the Philippines and has extensive experience in the field of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and Finance. He had audited big companies in the Philippines when he joined one of the Big Four auditing firm in the world and also taught Auditing subjects in his Alma Mater. He also worked with a private corporation in a management level position and allowed him to further his experience and skills."}
Jeff Miller
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/default.jpg","name":"Jeff Miller","position":"","profile":""}
Yang Wan
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/default.jpg","name":"Yang Wan","position":"","profile":""}
Unnamalai Panayappan
Compliance Officers
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/panayappan.jpg","name":"Unnamalai Panayappan","position":"Compliance Officers","profile":"Unnamalai Panayappan is a Post-graduate who has 6 years of experience in HOPE (HSBC Operations Processing Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd.) working in multiple teams such as Account opening team, Anti-Money laundering team , Quality check team (Compliance team) and validation team. She is an expert in checking the KYC documents, Account opening (opening of resident , non-resident and cash accounts, form-filling process) and Anti-Money laundering (compliance)."}
Fatima Nisar
Compliance Officers
{"img":"http:\/\/\/public\/members\/nisar.jpg","name":"Fatima Nisar","position":"Compliance Officers","profile":"Ms. Nisar is a Chartered Accountant and Associate Banker who has more than 4 years of experience in PwC (World's largest professional services firm and leading the \"Big Four\" accountancy firms) spanning across multiple domains of accountancy, assurance and business advisory, risk management and financial and investment analysis, with world renowned professional qualifications as a testament of theoretical expertise. She is an expert in ensuring the adequacy of reporting systems, compliance with management policies and statutory requirements, reviewing existing systems to identify any control weaknesses and reviewing financial statements to ensure compliance with laws and IFRS\/GAAPs."}
Payment Solutions
Merchant Account