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Card Not Present Merchant Account

Card Not Present Merchant Accounts
Being an e-commerce business owner means needing to accept credit card payments online. With a fast, dependable payment processor, you can keep your customers coming back for more while increasing your profits. Having a card-not-present merchant account will help make it all happen.

What is card-not-present merchant account?
A card-not-present (CNP) merchant account is a special kind of bank account that lets merchants accept online credit card payments. The type of bank that provides merchant accounts are called acquiring banks. When a cardholder submits a purchase through your online store, the credit card issuing bank approves or denies the transaction. If it is denied, a decline message appears on the payments page. If the transaction request is approved, the funds will be transferred to your card-not-present merchant account, and then to your business' checking account based on your payout schedule. Challenges of getting a card-not-present merchant account

There are many obstacles to face when running an e-commerce business--like trying to get approved for a merchant account. Without a CNP merchant account, you have limited options for accepting credit cards. The main reason it's so difficult? Acquiring banks consider your online business a higher risk when a customer isn't present to sign the receipt.

Ekash's solution

Our established network of offshore acquiring banks has liberal underwriting policies. This allows us to approve high risk card-not-present merchant accounts. With our solid infrastructure, we can take even more credit card processing risks. For card-not-present merchants with limited or no processing history, we offer third-party processing options.
High risk merchant accounts we offer include:
Ekash's expert merchant account managers make applying for a card-not-present merchant account easy as 1-2-3. Contact us online or call _______________________________. We're here to help you every step of the way!
Applying and processing for a new merchant account is easy and takes a very short time. Send us your request by completing the application below.
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