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Casino Merchant Accounts

Need to process credit card payments for your online casino? Having a hard time getting approved for a merchant account? Most payment processors consider your online casino business too high risk and automatically deny your request for a merchant account. If they do approve you, you end up paying an arm and a leg in fees. Finding the best casino merchant account solution is tough--so what do you do? As a legitimate online casino merchant, earning your customers' trust is just as important as earning money. You offer odds that are just as good as those in traditional casinos, while your customers play the same variety of games--all from the comfort of their home computers.
Challenges for the online casino merchant
As an online casino merchant, banks have several reasons to consider your business high risk. These challenges could prevent you from getting approved for a merchant account.
Ekash's high risk solution for online casino merchants
Here at Ekash, we know that online casino merchants have the potential to thrive and become lucrative in the gambling industry. That is why we work with offshore banks that have liberal underwriting policies. Our banks allow us to provide offshore and high risk merchant accounts to online casinos. Our secure infrastructure and payment gateway also allow us to take more payment processing risks.
Why provides Merchant Accounts for online gambling businesses? started out providing merchant accounts to online gambling businesses in several years ago. Some of these companies have since become Blue-Chip companies on the UK and other European stock exchanges, whilst others have remained private and continue to process millions of dollars every month through their online merchant accounts. We realize this market will continue to develop worldwide and Ekash is strategically positioned to continue to provide online payment processing for online gambling businesses for years to come.

With several initiatives underway to reverse the Online Gambling ban in the US, Ekash is positioned to help companies expand in the US market if several of the bills pass the US Congress. For more information on the Bill to reverse the Ban see this link:

What are the general Rates adult Merchants pay for their credit card processing accounts? Online Gambling merchant account rates are assessed on a case by case basis. Gambling merchants with high monthly sales turnover in excess of $1 million generally pay between 3-4% for their merchant account, whilst start up gambling merchants and, those online gambling merchants with low monthly sales turnover (less than $50,000 per month) generally receive rate offerings between 5-6%.

Applying and processing for a new merchant account is easy and takes a very short time. Send us your request by completing the application below.
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