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Forex Merchant Account

Forex Merchant Accounts Designed for Your Success
We understand the true payment processing needs of forex brokers, which is why we can design a forex merchant account that will help your Forex business succeed.
Large Ticket Transactions
As a forex broker, you're dealing with large ticket transactions, which labels you as a high risk merchant. We can connect you with acquiring banks who approve high risk businesses for merchant accounts making it possible for you to accept credit cards online.
Real-Time Processing
It is virtually impossible to be a profitable forex merchant without a real-time credit card processing solution. Our PCI-compliant payment gateway will process your transactions and give you immediate responses in real-time.
Multi-Currency Processing
When your business revolves around multi-currency transactions, it's only common sense to have a forex merchant account that allows multi-currency processing. Ekash's payment gateway will allow you to accept payment in more than 160 currencies. You can also receive payouts in 18 major currencies.
Fraud Prevention Services
When you're dealing with large ticket transactions, preventing credit card fraud is definitely one of your top priorities. It's one of ours, too, which is why we provide you with supplemental fraud prevention services to help you detect fraudulent transactions.
No Volume Caps
Just like the stock market, currency rates are constantly changing, which means you're constantly processing transactions. Ekash's forex merchant account solutions allow you to process as many transactions per month as you need.
Virtual Terminal
If you accept payments for your forex firm online, then we have a merchant account solution for you. However, if you accept payments for your forex firm over the telephone, we have a solution for you too. With an Ekash forex merchant account, you'll receive access to our gateway's virtual terminal so you can manually enter payment information.
Competitive Service Fees and Rates
Once you apply for a Forex merchant account, we will determine your merchant account service fees and rates on a case-by-case basis. You'll receive your final merchant account service fees and rates once the underwriting process is complete.
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