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Reaching the right target audience anywhere in the world.
The gaming market is extremely diverse. What is the preferred payment method for younger gamers? What are the best local payment methods in emerging markets? In our portfolio we offer all standard payment methods like credit cards, but we also offer alternative methods like ewallets, mobile payments, vouchers and prepaid cards. All of which are popular with younger players or in emerging markets that don't yet have much credit card penetration. Ekash offers you the most suitable solution for any gaming platform or community.
Gold Farming fraud prevention.
While Gold Farming is an inevitable part of online gaming, measures can be taken to minimize the transaction risk. We offer a customized Frauid Screening Service, which takes all variables of your business into account while transactions are pre-checked for fraudulent use of credit cards or those known to be linked to recognized gold farmers. Our scalable Fraud Screening Service also features a range of integrated fraud reduction tools from renowned partners to maximize transaction safety, including customized business rules, neural networks to detect suspicious behaviors and patterns, and IP geolocation data to determine the real-world location of a web visitor and break down consumer details to country, state or city level.
Real-time processing.
One of the fundamentals for online payments in the gaming industry is the necessity to process payments quickly. The payment methods we offer such as cards, eWallets and direct debits via real-time banking are processed instantaneously through our real-time online interface Ekash. Here your payments are fraud-screened, reconciled, authorized, cleared, and reported in real-time - no patience needed. Our dedicated team of industry experts will work with you to find the most suitable payment strategy for your target audience and business model. So contact us now for a free consultation.
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