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High Risk Payment Processing

If you own an e-commerce business, then you already know how difficult it can be to get a merchant account. Traditional banks turn you down because they say you're too high risk. Ekash specializes in high risk merchant accounts that meets your processing needs without restrictive trading conditions, Ekash can help your business. We work with an extensive network of US and offshore banks with liberal underwriting policies and with strong relationships with Ekash and its parent company. As we work with you to determine what the best payment processing solution is for you, we match the ecommerce category and your merchant profile with the ideal bank.

We currently provide processing for all online businesses with a particular focus on these ecommerce categories;

The rates and fees associated with high risk merchant accounts are typically higher than those of a standard account to account for the calculated risk involved in these transactions. Just because a certain type of business is considered "high risk," however, doesn't mean they shouldn't have the option of accepting debit and credit cards. What makes high risk credit card processing different than other types is simply the hesitancy of acquiring banks to open high risk merchant accounts. Many businesses find that it is near impossible to open a high risk merchant account domestically, but they will have more luck finding an international or offshore account provider.

Not only can we help you set up the ideal high risk merchant account for you, but we can set up multiple accounts when necessary. Some businesses benefit greatly from having "back-up" accounts, which allow them to spread the risk involved with their transactions over multiple networks. This ensures that business runs smoothly, even if something goes wrong with one of your accounts.
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