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Offshore Payment Processing

Traditional domestic merchant banks aren't the answer for every business. If you've had a hard time working with a bank or processor in the US, you know the frustration. Ekash provides powerful merchant account credit card processing solutions for merchants from virtually any type of industry. Since our companies inception, we have offered international and offshore processing. Our experience and financial strength provide the bank with additional underwriting flexibility.

Our high risk merchant account solutions and offshore merchant account solutions are simple and open to almost all merchants including, online Forex, gaming, online pharmacies, replica merchants, online casino and online gambling sites and even adult entertainment merchants.

High Risk OffShore Merchant Accounts Customized for Your Business Needs Are domestic banks denying your request for an e-commerce or mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchant account because your business is too high risk? Do you need a credit card processing solution with fewer trading restrictions? Or, have changes in your business caused your acquiring bank to close your existing merchant account? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Ekash has the solution for you.

What Is An Offshore Merchant Account? An offshore merchant account is a special type of account established with an aquiring bank in an offshore country that allows merchants to process card-not-present transactions. If Offshore banks are able to work with financially strong companies, they can provide more liberal underwriting policies. Leveraging Ekashs financial strength, offshore merchant accounts make high risk payment processing easier for merchants who are having a hard time getting their applications approved by domestic banks.

Offshore countries where you may find an acquiring bank include: And with our unique payment gateway and technology, you will be able to leverage both North American and international banks all from one payment platform. Apply today and let us work with you to find the best payment processing solution for your business.
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