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Payday Loan Merchant Account

If you're a payday loan broker or cash advance merchant, you already know how difficult it is to find a fair and reliable merchant account and credit card processing solution. Since we were founded, Ekash has been growing its network of acquiring banks so we can connect you with the perfect payday loan merchant account or cash advance merchant account.

Ekash has a vast network of offshore and international banking partners, giving you more chances to accept credit cards online. We can provide you with a cash advance merchant account or payday loan merchant account even if you live in: Not all e-commerce businesses are the same, and you don't want a one-size-fits-all payment processor. Your business has specific credit card processing needs, and Ekash is ready to help you fulfill them. This is what we have to offer to your business:
Payday Loan Merchant Account Solutions:
We understand the fine line between a payday loan broker and a cash advance merchant, and we have merchant account solutions for both.
Cash Advance Merchant Account Solutions:
Although people use the terms synonymously, we know you're not the same as a payday loan broker, and we also want you to know that we have online credit card processing solutions for cash advance merchants.
MOTO Merchant Account Solutions:
If you need to accept payments over the phone or via mail order, then you'll need a MOTO merchant account, and Ekash can connect you with the right bank that can provide you with one. Our MOTO merchant account services give you access to our payment gateway's virtual terminal, which makes MOTO processing possible.
3D Secure Processing:
As an added layer of fraud prevention, Ekash offers 3D Secure processing solutions. The cardholder creates a password for their credit card only known to them and their credit card issuing bank. When the cardholder purchases goods off your site, they need to enter their password to verify ownership, which shifts the responsibility of fraud prevention from the merchant to the issuing bank.

For more information about Ekash's payday loan and cash advance merchant account services, contact us online today, call us toll-free at _________________________ or click on the button below and fill out the sign up form.
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