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Penny Auction Merchant Account

Penny Auction Merchant Accounts
Bidding has come a long way since the first recorded auction in 500 B.C. We've gone from fast-talking auctioneers to online auctions and the necessity to offer online credit card processing. At Ekash, we know that penny auction merchants need real-time credit card processing that's fast and reliable. If your payment gateway can't keep up, your business will suffer losses. With a penny auction merchant account from Ekash, you'll feel like you've won the deal of a lifetime.
Credit Card Processing Features with Ekash
Auctions have stood the test of time, and you need a merchant account that will too. Since we were founded, we have been building our network of acquiring banks so we can provide penny auction merchants with a customized merchant account solution. The following is a small sample of Ekash's credit card processing and merchant account features.
Real-Time Credit Card Processing
It's virtually impossible for penny auction merchants to make a profit when their payment gateway can't processes transaction in real time. Our PCI-compliant payment gateway is fast, safe, and secure, and will give you an immediate response for all of your online transactions. Offshore and International Merchant Accounts For high risk e-commerce merchants, it can be tough to get approved for a domestic merchant account, which is why we specialize in offshore payment processing. Offshore and international merchant accounts have fewer trading restrictions, and Ekash can match you with the perfect banking solution.
No Processing Volume Caps
Stop worrying about processing volume caps. With an Ekash penny auction merchant account, you'll benefit from no monthly limits so you can process as many transactions as you'd like.
Chargeback Risk Mitigation
As a penny auction merchant, you may suffer from excessive chargebacks--and that can be a problem when trying to maintain a merchant account. We'll provide you with the know-how to keep your chargebacks low, and we'll even prepare you on how to fight them.
Apply for A Penny Auction Merchant Account Today!
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