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Prepaid/Debit cards

Traditional domestic merchant banks aren't the answer for every business. If you've Ekash is a leading international prepaid card provider, delivering closed and open-loop prepaid debit card solutions for businesses throughout the world. As a premier technological innovator, Ekash partners with both Visa and MasterCard to give customers a superior card payments solution reaching farther than the standard card provider. With a variety of payment products and services, Ekash enables there client base to get paid by the consumer and also efficiently pay their vendors.

A typical private label program is developed for retail locations that can distribute instant issue prepaid debit cards, trade organizations, unions and large corporations. Every Ekash private labeled solution offers our full suite of card options that are unmatched in the industry. From ACH, direct deposit to cash loading at over 50,000 retail locations, your card program is positioned for success.

Here are different examples of how APS assists the consumer - debt management, currency conversion, online wagering, repairing credit and shopping with online merchants. An online bill pay platform can also be set up by the merchant to accommodate pre-set recurring payments or individual one off charges.
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