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Ekash is a Global Multiple-Channel payment platform that provides payment processing services bundled with powerful technology to provide cost effective solutions to the largest and smallest online companies in the world.

Our roots are imbedded in the cash management and money transfer business. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing retail and online financial services to merchants and consumers related to local, regional and global money transfers. Through acquisition and organic growth we now own retail and franchise money transfer businesses in Canada, Europe, America, Asia and continue to expand in other countries.

Leveraging our financial strength, expertise and substantial banking relationships to support our existing infrastructure, we have started to expand into the online payment processing marketplace. In 2010, we started working with several large online companies in the gaming, Pharmaceutical, Payday Loan and MLM/Direct Marketing industry. Working closely with them, we created several unique products that provided our merchants with powerful products that can process credit card, debit card, ach and other bank related transfers and payments from their customers. In response to our merchants needs, we then started to create unique ewallet and mobile payment solutions which allowed us to round out our merchant offerings.

In 2012 we are starting to expand our merchant and consumer payment business and as we do that we look forward to offering unique payment processing solutions to consumers, merchants and several select partners as we aggressively grow the business.
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