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Cash Management/Global Money Transfers

We can help you whether you need to process cash payments or money transfers from your customers or need to make sure that your payments are made to affiliates, vendors and third parties. With our sophisticated cash management and global money transfer platform, we can help you open up cash markets for your customers or just handle simple payouts.

Cash Management:
In todays online marketplace, there are millions of consumers who have no other option but to use cash for every purchase. The potential numbers for online cash purchases increase considerably in countries where credit card penetration is low and where bank infrastructures are not well established or trusted. The cash payment solutions via the Ekash platform are optimized for processing cash transactions between Consumers and online businesses.

Global Money Transfers:
Our fully automated Global money transfer and Pay-Out system enables you to transfer money electronically to your consumers in over 15 countries. All we require, after you have prefunded us, is the bank account data of the recipient so we can validate the bank account information and transfer funds. Our system helps you manage outgoing payments to your customers in several countries, without the need for you to operate a local bank account in each country. Save costs by reducing administrative work and benefiting from Ekash negotiated tariffs and our daily reporting. Ekash currently supports payouts in the following countries: Our roots are built in the cash management business. We know today that cash is an important part of your overall strategy as you try and make it easier for your customers to make a payment or buy something online. Our international cash transaction network provides them the ability to do just that. Whether they are sending cash to their family or friends or loading their ewallet so they can make purchases on your site, our international cash transaction network can make it easier for them and profitable for you.

Our industry experts are ready to work with you. Contact us today to find out more about our cash management and global money transfer solutions.

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Ecommerce Industries we work with:
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  • Orange
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  • Tracefone Tuyo
  • Unefon
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