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Our History

Meeting Our Clients’ Specialized Needs

In the late 2000's, our clients began to develop business interests outside the North America. Therefore, in 2010, eKash opened a UK & Panama office of eKash, making us the first Global Offshore FX & Commodities - financial company from UK & Panama.

By late 2010, many merchants, shoppers, families and individuals were using family eKash. We formed the eKash money Group to provide them sophisticated electronic money,merchanty management, fiduciary and risk management solutions.

In 2011, we formed eKash Global Investments, serving both personal and institutional clients, to provide focused investment management capabilities. An Expanding Global Vision As global markets have grown more fast-paced and complex, we have continued to establish new offices of eKashs and develop new products and serve eKashs clients’ needs.

Today, we one of the largest administrator of offshore private equity funds, and one of the world’s leading providers of institutional index management services.
As a trusted provider to investors in all time zones and major markets, we continue to pursue “follow-the-sun,” 365/24/7 global trade communication.

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