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Convert Cash Players with eKash 

Increase your player conversions today with the NEW eKash PROMO eKash Pass CODES and give your players the opportunity and encouragement to make that critical first deposit.

Getting first deposits in some markets can be a challenge due to a number of reasons, such as:

Lack of credit cards used within the player market

High numbers of unbanked players with no formal mechanism to pay online 

Unwillingness of players to use card details online

Furthermore, many credit/debit card payments are subsequently charged back, and this amount is deducted from your monthly commission. 

BUT now, with eKash, you have the opportunity to convert players from challenging markets and get assured payments every month. Simply use eKash/Operator enhanced bonuses within targeted banner and email campaigns, in conjunction with eKash Promo eKash Pass Codes and start seeing the results!

Read on to find out how! 

eKash Specific Bonuses A strong welcome bonus offer is crucial. To offer a more impressive bonus, eKash and operators deliver enhanced promotions that offer a higher % match bonus than standard offerings, if the player deposits with eKash. CONTACT US for full details on the enhanced eKash/Operator bonuses now available. 

eKash Promo eKash Pass Codes - Now convert even MORE players! 

What is a eKash Promo eKash Pass Code?

A 'No Deposit Bonus', essentially a 'free money' trial for the player

Suitable for multiple channels, from banner display and landing pages through to emails

No upfront costs for the affiliate

Can be used in conjunction with the eKash/Operator enhanced Deposit Match Bonuses

More conversions resulting in increased lifetime affiliate revenue

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