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How does eKash work?

The eKash payment system issues in real-time, a uniquely numbered record of value which is displayed on the consumer's eKash eKash Pass.

The eKash eKash Pass can be delivered as a printed paper receipt, a single-use card, a SMS, or an email. However it's delivered every eKash Pass has a unique and highly secure 19-digit PIN, value, currency and expiry date. Getting eKash

Consumers get eKash from thousands of convenient locations and it's also available from ATMs, direct to mobile phones or online.


eKash is available by changing cash for a eKash Pass at over 420,000+ payment terminals to be found in corner shops, convenience stores, newsagents and petrol forecourts across the world.


Using internet banking the customer can order and pay for a eKash eKash Pass and have it delivered to their PC, making safe and secure cash payments available 24/7.


Whether pay as you go or on a contract, the consumer can get a eKash eKash Pass direct to their mobile as a SMS, with the value being taken from their airtime.

Spending eKash

The eKash eKash Pass is redeemed online in real time when the consumer enters their eKash PIN as payment on your website. As it's prepaid we will assure payment to you for any valid eKash PIN presented, avoiding charge-back and other fraud risks.

If the value of the transaction is less than the value on the eKash Pass then a new eKash PIN is created in real time representing the change due, just like real cash.

The eKash eKash Pass

Whether the customer gets their eKash as a paper eKash Pass, card, SMS or email it contains some key information:

The 19-digit eKash number

The amount and currency of the eKash purchased

The expiry date ( eKash Pass are valid for 12 months)

Together these make eKash extremely safe and secure

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