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Ewallet/Mobile Payments

Make sure that you can reach over 185 million consumers in almost 200 countries with the Ekash eWallet solutions and Mobile Payments platforms. Ekash enables your customers to store, send, and receive payments. You're in complete control of your money and our service makes payments quick, seamless, and safe. When you utilize our ewallet, we make sure it makes life easier for your customer and for your business.

Ekash Ewallet
Over the last 5 years, the concept of eWallets has gained traction and has continued to offer consumers and merchants with a unique opportunity to leverage their power. Ekash built our ewallet solution for several companies focused on gaming and social networking, that needed to be able to have customers load payments onto their ewallet and receive payments back into their account.

Using the Ekash ewallet solutions gives you, as a Merchant, many added benefits not only in processing and reporting, but also in the many local legislative and taxation issues.

Ekash Mobile Payments
Ekash mobile payments systems let consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and transfer money through any mobile phone using the Ekash mobile application, text message, mobile Web, or Ekash works on any mobile phone and any carrier in the U.S. With state of the art infrastructure and legacy systems, clients can introduce new services simply and expediently. Ekash provides a full-service product complement for customers to add value across the board for revenue and transaction enhancement. As a forward-looking company, Ekash's systems and technology allow clients to continually evolve with their markets.

Ekash is committed to providing the highest mobile payments tech security standards industry-wide, by deploying a large array of fraud protection measures. Strong encryption tech, firewalls, intruder detection systems, securely housed facilities, constant monitoring and utilization of industry "best practices" are all priority components implemented by Ekash to keep mobile payment data integrity safe for their client base. Ekash recognizes international Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (developed by the network brands, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, JCB and American Express) as the method for data security maintenance.
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